Saturday, December 27, 2008


In the last few years we had only in our Ft Lauderdale area 4 mid air collisions that I can remember. The last one was couple of weeks ago with two planes and instructor and a student in each one. Two years ago the same exact scenario with my wife's instructor in one of them.
For the last two years I had Zaon MRX panel mount and it helps to warn you about traffic, but without directional info it makes for some tense moments if you can not visually locate the traffic. Two weeks ago friend of mine let me try his Zaon XRX on a weekend trip..

I was shocked how many aircraft are there that we had no clue about. It has it's own split screen that one half shows like a radar screen all the planes within 6 miles radius, and the other gives you direction, altitude above or below and distance for the closest threat. Nice feature is that you can feed the info into Garmin 398/496 and others, and display it on the moving map.

This week I'm installing permanently one (Christmas Gift :)) in the CZ. For what is worth, I highly recommend this unit. For the money, it gives you great peace of mind.

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