Friday, December 26, 2008

Selling Long-EZ N84RW Airplane

I am thinking of selling my airplane. It is Long-EZ N84RW. It is really good airplane. It flies really well. Very straight and true airplane.

It was dropped on its nose. The nose needs cosmetic repair. The plane needs an annual.

I truly love this airplane and it is hard to sell it, but I need the money for school.

Lycoming O-235-L2C - compression is good (80+ all cylinders) but needs annual.

LSE electronic ignition on bottom

Slick Magneto on top (one year old)

New Silver Bullet Propeller

A real king HSI (not emulated in software but a real HSI)

KX-165 radio

KX76A transponder

King DME (forget the model #)

Bose noise reducing headset

Garmin 396 gps (with XM radio)

Trio avionics one axis autopilot which is tied into the garmin gps

The plane is a 1984 model. Almost always hungered (except on trips when I

Won Osh Kosh in 1987. Was a show plane at that time.

7/10 outside

7/10 inside


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